Another week goes by and our weekly giveaway still popping! Check out this weeks' winners and our in-game results.

Winning team

Starting with some twists as the Team Chicken 🐔 decided to surprise us this week by taking a big lead over the other teams after coming last during the last event. I knew you could do it, #GoTeamChicken (not biased)


You voted and this week's jackpot payout was slightly different than the last one. This time, the prizes and teams were randomly assigned during the stream and here you have the lucky winners:

In-game events

You know how it is, always a success and very fun to know and play against you, the CSGORoll users... but next time at least give the CSGORoll staff team some chance to leave the base. We got smashed.

First game: 6-1
Second game: 6-2
Third game: 6-1

That is it for this week, hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Thanks to everyone that participated, interacted in the chat with us, and for being part of this community. Congratulations to the second week winners!

Didn't get the chance to watch the stream? Don't worry. You can CLICK HERE to watch the full stream.