The weekly 10k jackpot is in full swing, and here we have the third-week results with, finally, some positive results for the Staff in the in-game event.

Winning Team

Was the first week just a warm-up for the Team Chicken 🐔? They are on fire now with a second win after passing the CT team and keeping the lead over the last few days!


Congratulations to this week winners, you can find the list with all 100 prizes and tickets paid out below:

In-game events

I know you scroll down to this part just to see staff being beaten (so do I) but surprisingly they won half of the games, which doesn't mean much as we only hosted 2. The second game was very disputed and we decided to reallocate the third-game to next week event. Check out some of the highlights from this stream made by our community:

Credits: stifleris
First game (6-2)
Second game (15-13)

This stream was a bit different than usual and we ended up separating in two parts but you can find part 1 (in-game event and start of the jackpot payouts) and part 2 (rest of the jackpot payouts) available now to watch if you missed it. Huge thanks to everyone that participated and supported us during the stream.

A new week is starting and the teams were randomly separated again, who's gonna come in clutch for the last week of this event? #TeamCT, #TeamT, or #TeamChicken?