The first week from our 10k Weekly Jackpot is over. Here's a summary of what happened during the event!

First, let's congratulate #TeamT for passing the CT team in the last few hours of the event and keeping the lead until the final seconds! And for #TeamChicken, well, good luck next time...


The Jackpot was split between the 3 teams, where the first team would get the top 60 prizes, then the second would get 30 prizes and 10 for the last place. Here is a list with all the lucky winners:

In-game events

Once again, the in-game event was a success and we had lots of fun. We warned you that we were training and we scored 2 games out of 3! Check out some highlights from the game:

Yeah... we wish. It was more like this:

Jokes aside, we would not let it pass without congratulating the only team that managed to beat us after a hard over time, good game: Werty, Suny, NastyPrix, Rakun and Brilew. Check this highlight from OSunyBR streaming the players perspective:

Thanks everyone for joining, we are looking forward to next week events. Stay tuned and make sure to join in!