New update was pushed, this system works only marginally well as before after the change released on April 3rd 2021.

New logic: 0.666% of all the bets from the round will be added into the jackpot. The jackpot will be won when there’s 3 greens in a row and you will get paid if you bet on any of the 3 greens relative to how much you wagered in that round. The split will be 33%/33%/33%, so if you wagered 100 and the total wager of that round was 200, you will receive 50% of 33% of the jackpot for that round, and you can win on multiple rounds!

You may all know that the house always wins in the long-run and this is true. However, CSGORoll presents you with a unique opportunity to turn the tables. You can always win in the long-run with this 100% guaranteed betting system to make profit.

As you may know, 0.666% of every bet that’s made on Roll gets added into our Triple Green Jackpot, this jackpot is paid out to everyone who bet whenever 3 greens in a row hit - no matter which colour you bet on, relative to how much you wagered. So if there was 1000 total bet in that round, and you were responsible for 500 of that - you would take 50% of the jackpot.

Here’s how you can always win in the long-run

Caveats: Obviously the house will not always win in the long-run, if it does not have the money to cover many losses in a row, it isn’t impossible for Roll to hit 40 blacks in a row, although highly unlikely - this system will only work if you have enough money behind to afford multiple losses in a row, as eventually the odds will even out, and you’ll profit in the long-run.

If your share of the triple green jackpot is greater than your wager, you are betting profitably 100% guaranteed. It’s as simple as that.

This is the formula:

  • Bet X on any colour during a Double green round
  • Total jackpot * (Your Bet / Total Bet) = Winnings
  • As long as Winnings is more than Your Bet, your bet is profitable and you will make profit in the long run.

We can make this formula even simpler!
As long as Total Jackpot is more than Total Bet on that round, any bet you place on that round is profitable! (As long as your bet wouldn’t put the total bet higher than the total jackpot)

The long and short of it is this: It’s profitable to bet on a triple green jackpot after 2 greens as long as the total bets for that round are less than the value of the jackpot. Example: If jackpot is 5k and total bets that round is 2.5k, it’s profitable, no matter what size bet you place but if jackpot is 2.5k and total bets is 3k, it’s not, since the amount you regain from it landing on TGJ is less than the EV (edge) you lose by betting in the first place

Interesting facts

  • There are roughly 3600 roll spins per day, with a 0.0296% (1/15^3) chance for the jackpot to hit, so 0.0296*3600 = 106%. This means, on average, the jackpot will hit once per day, obviously it can go a few days without hitting, but this means that the jackpot will be much better when it does hit.
  • Placing a bet on roulette = 1/15 house edge. For every 15 coins bet, player loses 1 coin (over time) but winning TGJ after 2 greens = 1/15 chance. So you have a 1/15 chance of winning free coins from the jackpot.

Why are we sharing this information with you?

It is within our self interest to share this information with you for two reasons, 1) we’re hoping that this 100% profit based system will bring more traffic onto the website, and 2) we’re hoping that more people will use this strategy who are interested in playing the games on the website who will wager the money back on other games, and not withdraw it all - thus diluting the amount of money that’s generated in profits from this system, in result reducing the cost for us.

This system will not last forever, after we release case battles we will edit our triple green jackpot system to prevent this 100% profit betting system - so this is the only time that you can take advantage of it.

Why take advantage of this 100% profit betting system?

  • Because you can make money
  • You can gain levels on CSGORoll without it costing you any money, so that you can open higher daily free cases for more free money

WARNING: To make it very clear, for this system to be profitable for you, your share of the jackpot MUST be greater than your wager for that round; so before placing a bet; remember to check that how much has currently been bet in the round is less than the total jackpot. Also, keep in mind that the total bet for the round might still go up until the countdown timer ends, so there’s always an element of risk!

Who is currently taking advantage of this system?

If you spend any time on CSGORoll, you will know who the regular culprits are that only make bets on double greens, these are the people that figured out the system early on and profits of above 30k+/month are being made from this betting system, you should take your share too.

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