As you know, CSGORoll has certain requirements in place to prevent abuse. For example, users must be Level 5 or higher on Steam to redeem promotional codes.

We get a lot of queries about Steam Levels, such as how users can achieve them. And sometimes we stumble! So we decided to create this guide to help you, and us. Here are some of the methods and tools available:

Steam Level Calculator

Using the Steam Level Calculator, you can check the XP needed to reach Level 5 on your account. We advise using this handy tool if you're new to Steam!

Calculation from Level 1 to 5

But, what are Badges for!?

The badges offer visual profile benefits and some small perks. Think of them as collectables! By leveling up your account, you'll unlock features such as '5 extra friend slots'. And with every 10 Levels you climb, you'll unlock profile backgrounds, chat emoticons and the occasional game discount for each crafted badge.

Steam profile with badges and showcases

Purchasing Sets and Crafting Badges

You now know you need to craft 4 badges, so what do you do? Search for the cheapest ones, of course. This is the fastest and easiest method to reach Level 5! Websites like steamcardexchange will show you the cheapest sets available. For example, on 12/01/21, the badges for the game 'Mustache in Hell' averaged $0.27 per craft:

Cheapest sets available on January, 12nd 2020

For Mustache in Hell you'll need 5 trading cards. And with these, you can craft the same badge up to 5 times! Proceed to purchase one of each by searching directly through the Steam marketplace, or just click the price on the website to be redirected:

Trading cards to complete the set

Now you can access your Steam badges page and Craft your first Badge:

And just like that, you've crafted your first badge! You can repeat this process for the same badge at least 4 more times. Remember that this can vary depending on the badge.

Alternative Methods to Level up

  • Playing games will reward you with cards. But they'll always be limited, and you won't receive enough to complete the set. So, you might need to buy or trade the missing ones;
  • Community tasks can be viewed via your badges page, and by completing them all you'll achieve 500 XP, enough to reach Level 5;
  • Events: participating in special tasks during the holiday seasons will often grant you experience. So make sure you keep an eye out during these periods.

Check out Steam's FAQ's for more details about each method, and other ways you can level up your Steam account.

We hope this guide helps you to reach the minimum Level you need to join us on CSGORoll. Trust us, there's plenty of benefits up for grabs! We'll see you around.