We're still reeling from our 100k giveaway. But it's not over yet... we're getting ready for round two.

You 🆚 the CSGORoll Staff

We'll roll the winners to the 50k giveaway at 20:00 CET, but make sure you stay tuned. We're hosting some in-game events during the live stream to give you and your team a chance to win free knives! And there's plenty more to take part in too.

By popular demand, 'You vs the CSGORoll Staff' is making a comeback! If your team beats us in a short competitive game hosted in our private FACEIT lobby, you'll each win 1 free knife. And there's 20 up for grabs! But, it's important you take note of the following steps to be able to take part.

To have a chance of being picked for the competition, you must be online at 20:00 CET on Sunday 31st January. You must be Level 20+ on CSGORoll. And you must have at least 1 jackpot ticket from the 50k jackpot. We'll randomly pick five players who match the requirements, and add them to the lobby. Expect your invite via Steam!

Get ready to join the FACEIT games by registering your account, downloading the client, and installing the Anti-Cheat System. But let's face it, after last time you won't need to cheat to beat us anyway!

50k Jackpot Giveaway

There's only a few days left to enter the giveaway. So make sure you collect tickets from our calendar and gem boxes. We've warned you, and trust us, you don't want to miss this opportunity!

Are you ready!? We certainly are! In the meantime, here's a sneak peek of what's to come in the following month: