Remember our Christmas promotion sneak peak? Well, that was only the beginning! The festive spirit was in the air, and we celebrated the only way we know how. Big! So, where do we start!?

We kicked off December with our 100k Jackpot Giveaway! Tickets in our advent calendar and candy cane boxes gave you a chance to grab a piece of the pot. And on December 28th, we picked the winners during a live stream (Full VOD) hosted by neokCS.

'1 kill 1 knife'

We wanted to keep things exciting! So challenged our users to the famous '1 kill 1 knife' game. And, as you can tell from the score, we might have to hire pro players next time rather than rely on staff... But, hey! If it kept you entertained, we did our job.

80 knives were won in total, alongside multiple promotional codes for free credits which were distributed between games. Here's what one lucky winner had to say!

The Big Pot

Then came the moment you were waiting for. We had a whopping total of 907,565 tickets to go through! We used to pick 100 winners, each of whom picked up a crazy prize. Here's what the top 3 luckiest winners managed to grab!  

We're Not Done Yet...

2020 was one hell of a year, so in our bid to start 2021 right, we've been planning something behind the scenes... a 50k giveaway!

Right now you can join our new Gem event to win items, tickets and be in with the chance to participate in our 50k Jackpot! Who's joining us!?

The 100k giveaway was a huge success! Thank you for taking part, interacting with us during the stream and helping to make this crazy event possible! A special thank you goes to neokCS for organising the stream, and to our staff for the games. Happy 2021!