Following the recent changes to Steam's API, the traditional methods that were used by many peer-to-peer trading platforms to facilitate P2P Trading is no longer supported.

As a temporary measure to address these recent changes, we've introduced an alternative method that involves some extra steps from you. It's important to understand that these steps are only necessary if you're listing skins on our P2P Trading Platform. However, if you're simply purchasing skins and not listing them, you won't need to follow these additional steps.

In order to list on our platform, you will need to provide your Steam WebAPI token. Please follow the steps below directly from your desktop or laptop device to obtain it:

  1. Access while logged in to your account;
  1. Right-click on your browser page and select Inspect or Inspect Element;
Pressing F12 is a shortcut for some browsers and devices.
  1. Open the Elements search bar and look for data-loyalty_webapi_token
The search bar is opened by pressing CTRL + F or Command + F
  1. Copy all the content, starting and ending from '"'
  1. Paste the content under and confirm;
  1. You are ready to trade!

If the process is not clear, we've prepared a video showing the steps:


Please note that the token you provide will only work temporarily. Daily refreshes of the token are necessary to ensure that your account remains fully functional and able to trade on our platform.

Logging out of your Steam account or invalidating your session will make the token invalid and impact your trades.

By sharing this information with CSGORoll, we can continue to monitor your trade process and ensure that trades are completed without issues. For your own security, please note that this information should not be shared elsewhere beyond adding it to your CSGORoll profile.

All tokens shared with us are safely stored in a fully encrypted and protected way. This information will solely be used for monitoring your trades as a temporary solution for the recent Steam changes.

This is the only available option for now if you wish to list skins on our platform. You may use it at your discretion to regain unlimited access to trading. Our team is constantly monitoring the recent changes and working to implement better solutions for you in the future.

Please feel free to contact our support team at for any inquiries.