Dear Community,

As a result of the recent wave of bans affecting various Steam accounts - most of which had large amounts of items in their inventory - liquidity of CS:GO skins available on trading platforms has been severely impacted. This has meant that there is a temporary scarcity of items listed on CSGORoll. However, we’re working around the clock to ensure more items are listed on our marketplace and we return to our regular volume of inventory.

We understand that this situation has a profound impact, and we’d like to provide you with more details about what’s going on and the steps we’re taking to remedy the situation.

The lack of liquidity can be attributed to two main reasons. Firstly, the recently issued high volume of bans on trade accounts across multiple skin trading platforms, which has locked up a large chunk of the available inventory, as it made the skins instantaneously unavailable to trade. Secondly, the trading community is hesitant to trade skins right now. Both reasons, while completely outside of our control, are severely impacting not only CSGORoll, but everyone in the skin trading community.

This isn’t the first time we’re facing this type of situation: we’ve seen instances like it before, with a temporary slowdown of all trades and fewer skins available for trade across the industry.

There’s good news too. We’re working around the clock to have more items listed on the marketplace ASAP. As you know, whenever items are traded on Steam, a 7 day trade hold is applied. Due to the typical turnaround of ~8 days for items to be acquired and then be listed on CSGORoll, it will take some time to restock the marketplace to its previous capacity.

While we expect the situation to eventually normalize, there will be a period where the liquidity of items will be lower than what you’re typically used to seeing on CSGORoll. Additionally, no trading platform has any influence on, or insight into, any potential new waves of bans, or the speed at which new skins can make their way from the trader to being listed for withdrawal on CSGORoll.