Check out what happened in the third weeks' summary of our Summer Giveaway!


You know how it goes, once again the team Chicken guaranteeing the first prize for the team! A reminder that the MVP of each team guarantees a nice 5000 coins prize each.

Jackpot winners

A new event with new rules, as previously announced the jackpot starts at 10k and increases by 5k every week until August 1st, ending with a special 75k Jackpot. This week's pot was at 20k.

In-game event

This week was full of good disputed games. Check out some of the highlights:

First game: 8 - 7 to the users
Second game: 8 - 5 to the users
Third game: 8 - 5 to the staff

Do you wanna participate in the next in-game events? Check out how here.

Once again, thanks everyone for participating. You can still participate so make sure to guarantee your spot for the next Sunday's event!

Missed the stream? Don't worry. You can still watch PART 1 and PART 2.