Spread the word to reward your friends and earn up to 50% commission.

Like most good things, CSGORoll gets even more epic with each new user. And we find the best new users are the ones just like you: the people already using CSGORoll. So, we've launched an awesome affiliate system that helps us to bring in likeminded new users, retarget old users and you to earn rewards for your efforts. It's as simple as sharing your code - read on to find out how it all works.

How it works

For each new user that successfully signs up with your code, you'll receive a share of the house edge, every time they wager by opening cases, playing Crash, Dice or Roll. The value of your commission is based on tiers, with different requirements for each tier. Additionally, the referred user will be rewarded with three gift cases. It's all a win-win situation - and here's the breakdown of how to do it:

  • Get started by creating your unique code
  • Download our ready-made folder of promotional assets directly from your Profile Affiliates page
  • Or, edit the files manually
  • Build your advertising strategy
  • Start earning up to thousands of coins monthly!

DO share your code in these places:

  • With friends: Invite your mates to try out the website with your code - for example, when playing a CS:GO match. You can also attach the code to your Steam profile or any public profile that receives visits, so that people are likely to see it.
  • On CS:GO communities like Reddit, forums, social media and fan pages: Just make sure these communities allow code-sharing first.
  • Videos: Full or quick videos showing how the website works, along with your code, can be a great way to encourage new users to sign up and try it. In the video, you would give an explanation of how the website works, what kind of games are available, and how easy it is to deposit and withdraw. You could then promote the fact they'd get three free cases by using your code.
  • Commands added to your stream chat: Alternatively, a link in the description of your channel.
  • YouTube comments: Another idea is to add it to your video's description.
  • Referral websites: These days it's super easy to find free website templates or ready-made websites that you can pay to to promote your code. Find one you like, create a small and simple guide on redeeming free cases, and post away! SEO is key here, so make sure to use specific keywords to attract the right users to your site.

But, like any good affiliate system, our does have some limits...

DON'T pull these tricks in a bid for extra referrals:

  • Don't insist on asking people to use your code: It's annoying, spammy, and people will be inclined to do the opposite.
  • Don't spam others' content with your code: Speaking of spammy, this is a good way to get ignored on the internet (plus it's just plain rude).
  • Don't refer yourself or create alternative accounts: First of all, this won't work anyway, and second, we'll know pretty quickly if you do it.
  • Don't abuse the system: Our affiliate system has been set up in good faith as a way to reward you. Don't be greedy and take advantage of it for your own benefit.
  • Don't share your code in any website chat: That includes CSGORoll's chat - it's spammy, annoying, and no one wants to read it in the chat anyway.

These are some pretty easy rules to stick to, so any breaking of the rules may result in your affiliate earnings or code being locked.

Once you find the right strategy that works for you, you could be in for a snowball effect, since there are always new users out there to find. It's just about trial and error until you find a strategy that earns you profit - because once you start making it rain, you can reinvest the coins and expand your promotion even further.

It's been just a few months since the launch of our affiliate system, and we've already got users earning up to 10k coins per month. We've made it as simple as possible, as fair as possible and as user-friendly as possible... so get cracking on your promotional strategy and start bringing in those coins for yourself!