Check out what happened in the last weeks' summary of our Easter Giveaway!

It has been an awesome few weeks of events, and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Let's wrap it up for the last week of this crazy giveaway, shall we?


Closing the event with another win from #TeamChicken with 218,575 tickets. Don't tell the other teams but Chicken has been the favorite since day 1!

Jackpot winners

The 100k jackpot was split between 5 weeks, starting at 10k with 5k coins being added weekly and ending now at 30k, these are the last winners. Congratulations everyone!

In-game event

To have a special ending, with decided to host a fourth game just for the viewers that were watching our Twitch channel, these are the benefits of staying tuned on our streams. Here are the results of all 4 games:


8-0 To the #TeamStaff
8-5 To the #TeamUser
8-6 To the #TeamStaff
8-3 To the #TeamStaff

We often repeat ourselves saying thanks to this amazing community but we cannot let it pass by without pointing out once again how amazing everyone has been in those events, from the stream casters to the players participating and the chat interactions.

Thanks once again, hope we can see you at future events! Missed the fun? You can still watch PART 1 and PART 2 directly on Twitch.