Delivery times, product quality and fixes all-round - we’re all over it.

CSGORoll is forever evolving… and that’s not just in the games and products that we offer. We’ve got a team of awesome minds behind the site, working to improve every little aspect - and that team is always growing in all the right ways. Recently we’ve identified a few challenges around things like delivery times and promo codes, and that’s where our growing and dedicated team comes into play.

It’s all good news from our side, and we wanted to share it so you can see what’s been happening behind the scenes.

Improvements to shout about

Those who’ve been on CSGORoll for a while might remember the 30-day process we had for skins transactions. Well, thanks to our growing team of suppliers, we’ve now made that instant. You read that right - 100 per cent of our transactions are done on the spot, within a time limit of 15 minutes. That means you’re going to notice things moving a lot faster from our end - and ultimately happy CSGORoll users equals a happy CSGORoll team.

Our bigger team has also upped our game when it comes to customer service in general, and we’re proud to be on the receiving end of plenty of positive feedback. Check out some of the reviews from our happy customers on Trustpilot to see what we’re talking about for yourself.

Our new full team of suppliers also means that we’ve got a constant stream of new products available, which means there’s always going to be a variety of interesting items to play for. Ultimately this is an area that we’ll continue to grow, so it’s great to now have the team in place.

Finally, some users may have been experiencing an issue with using promo codes… and the awesome news is, this has now been completely resolved. The long and the short of it is that we had some issues ourselves in tackling fraudulent users - but now that we’ve found a solution, we’re back on track. So if you’ve got a valid promo code that you’re eligible for, make sure to go ahead and put it to work!

Epic new additions

Like we said, CSGORoll is always going to evolve and improve… and here are just some of the additions we’ve already got planned:

  • A 2.1 version of our affiliate system, including support for targeting, retargeting, acquisition and reactivation of previous referrals to help you earn more as an affiliate
  • Extended item support in P2P Marketplace, including Doppler Phases and Gems
  • PvP games, which will allow users to compete against other players in brand new game modes

It’s all pretty cool stuff, and it’s all coming to you real soon. Make sure to keep checking back on CSGORoll to see how we evolve - and follow our blog updates to get more information about what’s to come.