Are you ready for another spooktacular promotion? From weekly competitions to in-game events, here's what we've got planned for you this Halloween.

100k Weekly Competition

Each week, our Witch, 'Red', will reward the top ten candy collectors on the Cauldron Leaderboard with extra special prizes. She'll be handing out 100,000 Coins on Friday 8th October, Friday 15th October, Friday 22nd October and Sunday 31st October, split between ten lucky winners. Could you be one of them?

We'll count your candy earnings until 6pm UTC on the day of the event. Following this, the leaderboard will reset for the next week ahead.

The coins will be paid out to our winners during a livestream at 6pm UTC on the day of the event. Here's what's up for grabs;

  • 1st Place - 50,000 coins
  • 2nd Place - 20,000 coins
  • 3rd place - 10,000 coins
  • 4th place - 7,000 coins
  • 5th place - 4,000 coins
  • 6th place - 3,000 coins
  • 7th place - 2,250 coins
  • 8th place - 1,750 coins
  • 9th place - 1,250 coins
  • 10th place - 750 coins

This Halloween, sharing isn't caring. Unlike our previous events, there's no teams; it's a free-for-all battle where it's up to you alone to hit the top spot. But if you draw with another user, the prize will be split. To avoid having to share your chunk of the prize, you better fight for it...

Tasty Treats from The Red Witch

The Red Witch is collecting candy to test her new Skins recipes. In exchange, she'll reward you with some eerily fantastic cases.

In-Game Events

We bet you've missed us. If you want another chance to play the CSGORoll staff in CS:GO matches, you're in luck. Our famous 5V5 games are back this Halloween! But we've got to warn you... we've made a deal with the Devil, and we're better than ever.

To guarantee your spot in the in-game events, you must be Level 20+ on CSGORoll and a part of our Discord group. On Discord, request the tag CSGORoll LVL 20 in the #event-tag-request channel by providing your website profile link and Steam ID64. To find your Steam ID64, click here. Once you've received the tag, you'll be in with a chance of getting picked.

All the games are hosted on Faceit, so you can prepare in advance by registering your account, downloading the client, and installing the Anti-Cheat System.

We'll be playing on Friday 8th October, Friday 15th October, Friday 22nd October and Sunday 31st October from 3:30pm UTC.

Oh, and we've saved the best detail till last... the winning team will each receive a Shadow Daggers | Slaughter on CSGORoll! Are you ready?

Double XP & Candy

And finally, if all that wasn't enough, you'll earn double XP and Candy for all the games you play on CSGORoll during Halloween weekend (October 29th - October 31st)! Forget the tricks, we're only giving out treats this Halloween.

From all of us at CSGORoll, we're wishing you a Happy (and haunted) Halloween! 👻