Get eggcited! This Easter, we're giving you the chance to win big in our 300K giveaway! Here's what's in store.

200k Jackpot Competition

Our latest challenge isn't one to miss! Starting at 8pm CET, from April 13th to 20th, you're invited to take part in our 200k Jackpot giveaway!

To collect your tickets, gain Easter Eggs from playing our games, and spend them on our special collection of Easter cases. The more Easter Eggs you gain, the more tickets you'll have a chance to collect. And the more tickets you have, the higher your chance is to win!

The Jackpot will be split between three different days, with different prizes for each winner. Here's the all-important dates you don't want to miss!

  1. Wed 13th to Fri 15th - 50,000 Coins
  2. Fri 15th to Sun 17th - 100,000 Coins
  3. Sun 17th to Thur 21th - 50,000 Coins

*Our Jackpot winners will be called live on stream, from 7pm CET. Your Easter Eggs must be spent before the end of each Jackpot, as the tickets will reset!

Advent calendar

This event is possible for everyone. From April 13th to 19th, you will have an Easter Egg available for you to open daily and collect tickets for free! The chance to receive tickets will be different based on your level and recent deposits, the more you deposit and play, the higher the chance for tickets.

The 100k Egg Hunters Leaderboard

There's even more prizes to gain if you top our Easter Egg Hunters leaderboard!

From April 13th, at 8pm CET, you can start collecting Easter Eggs. Alongside our Jackpot giveaway, we'll reward the top 10 players who collect the most Easter Eggs with extra coins! You could win;

  1. 50,000 coins
  2. 22,500 coins
  3. 12,500 coins
  4. 6,000 coins
  5. 3,500 coins
  6. 2,500 coins
  7. 1,500 coins
  8. 750 coins
  9. 500 coins
  10. 250 coins

This Easter, there's plenty to get your teeth stuck into, and only one chance to top our leaderboard! To enter our Jackpot giveaway, visit CSGORoll.