The 4th and last week of our 10k jackpot is now over and here you find all the results of it!

Let's start by saying a massive thanks to the CSGORoll community that participated, interacted with us, to the players that joined the in-game events, and congratulate all the jackpot winners. Of course, a special thanks to the stream hosts that dived in with us in these fun weeks of events.

Winning Team

After weeks of struggle, the #TeamCT is finally here to show that they would not be left behind! This was a very disputed week and tight numbers between the teams until the last day, to make it even more exciting.

Congratulations #TeamCT


Winner winner chicken dinner, check out this week's jackpot winners:

In-game events

Here we are again to show what another week of hard training, aim practice and team play can do. The results of all the staff efforts are found below:

First game: 6 - 2 to the users
Second game: 6 - 3 to the users
Third game: 8 - 1 to the users
Fourth game: 8 - 6 to the... staff!

But we did have our highlights:

Missed the fun? Click here to watch the full in-game event.

Repeating ourselves here but it has been really fun playing all the games, hosting the giveaways, and getting the chance to interact with our community. Thanks for participating and stay tuned for more promotions coming very soon!